Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kyle D

My name is Kyle Dodson and I am a hardcore spey addict. I am quickly developing my three styles of casting to angle for our great lakes fishies. I  would say I have, what you call, water A.D.D… If you put me in still water, I am ready to leave after about 15 minutes, but if I am in river current, I will not knowingly fish all day. I love creating new flies on the vice and love even more to take them for a swim.  I look forward to becoming a part of angling obsession team and keeping anglers informed of river conditions, fishing reports, and even some tips and tricks that will only help you chasing chrome: whether it be kings, steelhead, or atlantics.
I can be reached here:  KyleDodson20@gmail.com


  1. That is a nice fish !!

  2. Thanks!!!The fish is not as chrome as they get but the only fish of a very slow day, hence the look of satisfaction.

    CP kyle


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