Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AuSable Summer 2008

Now that the AuSable is only a short drive from my house I managed to spend a couple days/evenings on the trophy waters this summer, in between projects on the new house. The most memorable was a blanket hatch of suflers and march browns. I've never seen so many bugs and the fish were everywhere! I literally caught trout on every cast until the bugs became so thick that my fly blended in with the rest of the bugs and getting a bite was next to impossible. I made one "serious" after dark float in search of hex, but the temp got into the forties that evening and I only saw a handful of bugs. I'm looking forward to some real time to concentrate on this water next summer.

Blanket of Sulfers - Look closely at the water

Isonychia Mayfly on the Trophy Water

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