Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hex 6.10.10

Fished above Mio tonight, looking for giant browns feeding on the world's largest mayfly, the hex. My friend Dave came along tonight and quickly put a couple trout in the net on a hex nymph pattern. We switched to streamer and this guy crushed my yellow zoo cougar.

Next up, some dry fly fishing with light cahills and a solid Iso hatch. We put a few more trout in the net, but not the one we were looking for. At dark, we decended down stream looking for giants. The Hex were thick and fish were rising. In fact, we had several opportunities for big trout, but it wasn't our night, and we went home hex-less.


  1. Wow! It was a memorable night of slinging huge flies at huge fish in complete darkness. We'll get'em next time...thanks for the great trip!


  2. Thanks RexMan! I'm headed back to that stretch of river tonight. Good luck in yooper country!


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