Monday, September 27, 2010

Swinging for King Salmon 9.25.10

Its been a good salmon season, but I had yet to hookup on a streamer. Today, I dedicated my efforts to getting this elusive hookup by leaving the steak and eggs box at home. I packed my wading jacket and headed to the river. Armed with my Loomis Dredger, a couple sink tips, and a box of gaudy streamers, I began to wash flies in a down and across swing.

The first hour or so went in typical fashion with me fishing away while watching my buddy Kyle hookup with his pin every 15 minutes. No big deal, I landed his fish with a smile while dreaming of the insane grab from an angry king salmon hunting down my fly.

We moved downstream to another pool and split up to cover more water. I looped on 15 feet of T14 and a Feenstra style Aquatic Nusince and gave it a swing. A few casts later, bang!, this pissed off mofo grabs my fly like fat chick after the last plate at an all you can eat buffet. Oh hell yeah I thought to on! A couple head shakes later it was game off when my eagle claw let loose. Last time I buy my hooks at wal-mart.

Feeling mildly defeated I picked my head up and went back for revenge. A few fly changes later I about get my shoulder ripped loose as the next beast grabs my chicken-on-a-hook and books it for the deep end. I set the bone all the way to the cork and my reel starts to scream. Alright, no messing around, I'm putting my paws on this one. Kyle gets in position to help a brother out and king dingaling makes another charge downstream, hook out. Dammit.

I fished hard the remainder of the day, well, when I wasn't landing Kyle's fish anyway. I had another insane grab that didn't last, and an epic battle with a bruiser king that almost pulled me in the drink. It was a great day and it wont be the last time I leave the egg flies at home.

No pictures today, the king below was apparently too much for my camera to handle. Any recommendations?...I'm thinking waterproof.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Fat girl at a buffet. That is classic shit.

  2. I say throw a man-sized fly for the those big boys. Exciting blog and go with the waterproof camera so we can see more of the monsters you catch.


  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Ordered an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. Shockproof and waterproof to 30 feet, plus it takes underwater video. More pictures coming soon!

    Caught a remarkably fresh king on Saturday morning. Still some good fish trickling in, plus I've heard rumors of chrome lurking around.


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