Monday, October 18, 2010

AuSable in the Fall 10.10.10

We made a quick stop to the AuSable River this morning.  With steelhead season just around the corner, I had to get some practice with my spey rod and check out the old stomping grounds.  The river was low and clear, October has been much to dry for our chrome friends.
Great morning on the river.
This walleye was intruding upon my steelhead water.  Picture taken with my new underwater camera.  Underwater photos give a new perspective, the three photos above were taken within about 2 minutes.
My friend Kyle swinging a streamer.
I visited with family over the weekend so no new fish porn to share.  I did get to hit the local fly shop down there and found some great material for steelhead streamers.  I'm going to get the coveted "streamer hanging out of steelie mouth" picture this fall, that's a promise.  See you on the water!


  1. Count me in on that promise and let me know what patterns you plan to tie so I can load up my box as well!


  2. Sounds good Rexman, I can hook you up with some patterns. Would you be interested in meeting up to chase chrome near your stomping grounds sometime in November? I'd like to check out some new water. Send me an email!

  3. The underwater picture is pretty cool! First time on your blog... I'm hitting "follow" right now. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. I should get an underwater camera. My camera is going to crap out after all of the mud and water it's been through in the duck blind. What kind did you get? Was it expensive?

  5. Thanks avg Joe! I checked out your site...are you in michigan?

  6. Pete,
    Its an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. So far, I'm happy with it, but I wouldn't recommend near mud. Look for a full product review soon!

  7. Great blog Dan, I'm liking the shots of the Ausable, been meaning to get up there for some time! Looking forward to seeing the steel you pull out of there as well, good luck!

  8. Thanks Mike! The AuSable steelhead water is unique. Gin clear, spooky fish, and loaded with timber...makes every steelhead landed that much more special. Good luck this fall.


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