Monday, October 11, 2010

October is Smallmouth Time! 10.9.10

Fall is a great time of the year, the weather is pleasant and the fish are usually hungry.  Decided to take a break from the rivers and flies today to chase smallmouth bass on a local lake.  Most clear and rocky lakes in Northern Michigan are smallmouth factories.  Once the water temps drop, look for these powerful fish to put the feed bags on and start hunting crawdads, baitfish, and whatever else they can fit in their mouth.  Today we found fish in 5-10FOW and caught most of them on tubes.  The X-rap bite was decent as well.  The presentation is simple, find the rocks and drag your tube around the edges.  Works all sides of the rock pile before moving on.  Not all rockpiles are created equal and some will hold fish one day but not the next.  Its best to cover some water to find the productive feeding grounds.  I had my Mom in the boat with me today, we didn't crush the fish, but did find a dozen or so players.  She had a blast taming this 20" smallie, her new personal best.


  1. Wow, what a bruiser of a fish!


  2. Heck yeah, she was super excited. She thought the fish was another boulder before it started ripping drag!


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