Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fly Fishing Bucket List 11.4.10

A recent post from the Outdoor Blogger Network inquired about what you would like to achieve before the certain is closed.  As far as fishing, narrowing down a finite number of achievements would be a daunting task.  I've been fishing for as long as I can remember, and can't imagine not having my finned friends as part of my life. I typically keep tract of ideas and notes for trips I'd like to take or a hatch I'd like to make a priority.  Setting goals and writing things down assists in making them a reality, at least for me.  Below is the start of my bucket list; I consider it a living document!

1. Catch a Great Lakes steelhead, on a fly, during each month of the year.
January, February, March, April, May, November, December

2. Swing streamers for steelhead in British Columbia.  
Wild steelhead, powerful rivers, remote.  Could it get any better?

3. Western Alaska
Float trip, no guide, just me, my brother, the rainbows, and the grizz.  Floated the Tal in '08, I need more!
My brother and I, chilling in Alaska.

4. Catch a Golden Trout
I love backpacking and the adventure of fishing remote places.  Golden Trout prefer high altitude lakes and rivers which keep them inaccessible for the majority of anglers.  Perfect.

 5. Visit Steelhead Alley
Only 1-3 states away, I need to see what its all about.  Hear of some giant LRB's in those parts of the country as well.

6. Land an Atlantic Salmon
Because I'm a sucker for a hook jaws and big spots.

7. Fish in Yellowstone N.P.
Waiting to take my daughter on this trip, she's only 9mo old, might be a few days.

8. Catch a big Brook Trout
I don't care where, as long as its on a fly.

9. 20lbs of Brown on the Lake Huron Flats
I live 3 miles from Lake Huron, which annually produces browns over 20lbs.  Stripping large streamers is the game.

10. Fly Fish Someplace Exotic
I've never fished the salt or below the equator.  New Zealand, Patagonia, Belize?...Take your pick!


  1. That's a cool bucket list. I will be checking off one this year by fly fishing in every month of the year. Next year's challenge will be to catch a trout in every month.


  2. That's an excellent goal Rexman...nice work! Gotta make time for the fishes!

  3. I see you have all the months crossed off for Great lakes Steelhead now. Did you take care of that one already?

    Atlantic Salmon is on my list too. I was thinking Penobscot River, Maine....


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