Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trigger Happy Steelheading 11.6.10

Spent the morning swinging streamers for steelhead.  Got up early, packed a lunch, thermos full of coffee, and planned my attack against the chromers.  Armed with only a loomis dreder, I began to work my fly through a favorite run.  BANG!, a steelhead absolutely crushes my streamer.  I of course set the hook without delay, fish off.  Five minutes later, history repeats itself.  You gotta let him take it, yet, I prefer to set the hook like Bill Dance on sunday morning TV.  This has got to be the hardest part of swinging streamers for steelhead.  I had another hookup later in the morning.  I got to fight this fish for a couple head shakes before fish off.  On the brighter side, 3 solid grabs on my home river before 10:00am, not bad at all.
The best way to start your day!


  1. My buddy can't shake the bass hook set either. I have seen more small brookies flying out of the water after he sets the hook. It is very funny.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. I've been known to launch a few brook trout into the bushes as well! Thanks for stopping by. Dan

  3. I'd take three solid stikes anytime. The fourth, I'm sure, you hit a home run...

    Been in the UP all weekend chasing bucks with the bow...Hot weather shut down the rut, but I'll be back with rifle up there next week with the rifle in hand.

    May throw in the fly rod to try a small creek that runs through the property to see if I can yank a brookie into the brush too.



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