Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ice Fishing With Berkley 12.27.10

My lab Berkley and I made a trip to one of my favorite bluegill lakes for some ice fishing this morning.  I arrived at daybreak and was greeted by a swarm of pike fisherman in my spot.  I relocated around the other side of a point to get away from the crowd.  Fishing started off slow, but picked up by mid morning, with a solid limit of 8's and 9's.  Berk spent most of the morning sleeping in the shanty next to me, however, he did make time for a quick photo.
My highlight of the morning was landing this pig of a bluegill.  At 9.75 inches, it was damn big.  For those who don't bluegill fish, you'll just have to take my word for it! 
9.75" Bluegill
According to the weatherman, we should expect a serious warm-up later this week.  These mid-winter thaws are prime time for streamer fishing for brown trout and for fresh pushes of steelhead.  I'll be on the river!


  1. 9.75 is a giant gill, you should have somthing in the photos for a size reference

  2. Thanks Blake, I'm adding a ruler to my tackle bag! My brother and I are racing for a 10" Gill..so close!

  3. Great work on the gills and the jumbo is a nice bonus to brag about. I like your three-S tag line with the new logo too!

  4. Love the new look....but I love that pig gill even more!!!!

  5. Thanks Pete! That's my best gill of the season, with first ice conditions long gone, it may be hard to beat!


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