Friday, December 31, 2010

Stripping Streamers on News Years Eve 12.31.10

I spent the day stripping streamers with Rexman, one of my most dedicated blog followers.  We haven't fished together since the hex hatch six months ago, and it was excellent to have him back in the boat.  Rexman loves throwing streamers for the big boys.  He even argued that streamer fishing for brown trout is more exciting than fishing dry flies.  Hmm, I'll have to continue to think about that one!

The recent thaw made for perfect conditions on our 14 mile float down the AuSable.  The browns were very active, possibly, the most active I have ever seen them in mid-winter.  We began seeing fish and had a few follows at the start of our float.  It was sure to be a great day.
Soggy conditions are perfect for mid winter streamer fishing
Rexman quickly put two solid fish in the boat, including a gorgeous 16" brown trout.  Continuing downstream, he had quite a few additional hookups including a short battle with a 20"+ trout that had us both screaming when the hook let loose.
Rexman's catch of the day!


  1. Love the updated look of the blog and the underwater camera shot!

    Happy New Year bro.

  2. AO,

    Last day of the year and I finally boated a fish (fly fishing personal best) worthy of the AO site! It was a great day. Thanks for the float, I look forward to another day we can battle big browns together.


  3. Wow, I had to search way back for this post. It's been too long since we've fished together. 6 years! That was a great trip and I remember it well! I've been reading "Rivers of Sand" by Josh Greenberg, tying like crazy and planning to be in the river someplace at the next warm spell. Missed the chance to go last weekend, but there's a lot of fishing season ahead...we'll have to catch up some time soon over a cold one. I'm now covering OEM's in the whole state and still at the same email and phone number...So, many rivers and so little time...RexMan

  4. Hey Rexman, just noticed your comment. Send me an email sometime.


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