Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Steelhead Season is Here 12.5.10

Bitter cold today conditions made for a tough day of steelhead fishing.  Temps were in the mid 20's, snow was falling, and the wind kept all but the most dedicated anglers home on the couch.  I took the centerpin with me, since I was feeling pretty hard up for a steelhead battle.  On the second or third run I fished I got the job done with the pin.  Float down and the fight was on with this guy.  These are typical size steelhead on the AuSable right now. 
December Steelhead
After having some quick success with the centerpin, I switched over to my spey rod and finished out the day swinging streamers.  No takers on flies.  Highlight of the afternoon was running into a local trapper.  What looked like a chocolate lab, turned out to be a beaver.  Dam those things get big!


  1. I'd take that. Chased trout today... temps in the 20s... snowing. Caught one, missed 4 including a 20 incher. Buddy caught an 18. Report will be up soon.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Thanks Ryan. I look forward to your report. I haven't chased browns this fall...hmmm!

  3. Nice fish...I want one! We need to meet on my home river so you can show me how get some rod benders like this.


  4. Hopefully you got some roe juice on your jacket >:)

  5. Nice looking fish there River Warrior.

    I'll be in your neck of the woods this weekend chasing grouse with a small army of buddies. Can you pump the breaks on fishing for an afternoon to chase some feathers? I've got mallard feathers for your fly bench.

  6. Pete,
    Count me (and Berk) in for chasing chickens.


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