Sunday, December 12, 2010

Young Steelhead Eats Rabbit 12.11.10

Floated 8 miles of river today with Centerpin Kyle, searching of chrome.  We started the day dedicated to the two handed rod and swung flies.  Fishing was tough, despite near perfect steelheading weather conditions.  After a slow morning, we found a few players on the center pin rods.  Continuing down river, we stopped at a run I've had success with swung flies in the past.  This small skip absolutely crushed a 4" streamer
Swung Fly Steelhead
We ended the day with three steelhead in the net and a few additional quick battles.  No adult fish however, still seeing many skips and smaller steelhead in the 20-24" range.  They should all be released!  


  1. Hey AO,

    Glad to see you had some success this weekend. Beautiful fish too! I'm hoping to get out the Holy Waters later in the week to do try some nymphing.


  2. Thanks RexMan!
    If it warms back up by the end of week fishing should be good. Don't forget the streamer box!


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