Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice Cold Steelhead Fishing 1.25.11

Wow, the lack of fish pictures around here is pathetic!  Although I've been thinking about fishing, the highs were in the single digits last weekend and I chose to hang around the house instead of chasing chrome.  Since I have no pics to share this week, I recruited a friend.  Kyle Centerpin proved that he is THE dominant local steelheader by standing waist deep in the river all day on Saturday.  He worked hard, as usual; winter steelhead fishing remains strong for those who put in their time.

What snow?

Just add water...
Consumer's Energy continues to have zero regards for the AuSable River, and the picture above proves it.  I usually row my boat over the exposed timber.  Dropping the river to such extreme low levels exposes spawning gravel and really puts the brakes on fishing. 

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  1. tough crowd ... must be that green bag hanging out her mouth!! Hope you hook up on the river today !!!



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