Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tip-Up Time 1.8.11

Back to winter, after a nice break during last week's thaw.  With highs in the low 20's and daybreak temps hovering around the 10 degree mark, I'm much more inclined to hide out in the ice shanty, than chase chromers on the river.  We have had enough cold weather to lock up the larger lakes, which means it's tip up time for walleyes!  I setup on a point in 28 FOW, the same general area I target walleyes in the spring and summer.  At first light the action was very fast, between two tip-ups and a jigging rod in the shanty.  I landed 8 walleyes and missed a few additional flags.  Most fish were running small, but it was good to have some hot fishing action on a brutal cold day!


  1. Small or not, sounds like fishing was good. Ice fishing is totally alien to me - do you use those underwater cameras or flashers?

  2. Troutrageous,
    I've used a flasher for about 10 years, also had an underwater camera for 3 years. Overall, a flasher is a much better fishing tool. They are very accurate at marking bottom and fish, I don't ever go ice fishing without it. That being said, watching a perch inhale a 3" minnow and run away with it on camera, is alot of fun. They require clear water and additional setup time, more of toy, than a tool, in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by, good luck.


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