Monday, February 14, 2011

The Driftboat Lives Another Day! 2.12.11

We left the house well before dawn, driftboat in tow. Speeding to the local steelhead river is a normal event on weekend mornings. The frost has all but destroyed US23 this winter, and I'm used to hearing the boat trailer bounce over the crevices in the road. Halfway to the river my driftboat begins to surge left, then right, with an amplitude of about 5 feet. I was about to lose my boat, not good! I slowed down gently and managed to save her. Upon inspection, we noticed the hitch pin came loose, somehow, and the entire trailer seperated from the truck and was dragging by the chains at 60mph. Other than a few scratches on my truck's bumper, nothing appeared to be damaged.

As if near disaster wasn't bad enough, we were low holed by a group of gear fisherman in the first run of the day. Watched them put 2 adult chromers and a skip on a rope before moving on. Beat mentally and numb in the toes from standing in 32.5 degree water, we persevered. Centerpin Kyle and I spotted a pod of roaming steelhead on our commute up river and decided to sneak into position in case they were still there. We lucked out and put 4 steelhead in the net. No big fish, but definitely saved the day!


  1. Wow, near disaster is right! That just goes to show you that the SS Huffer has alot more fight in her. That little mishap probably cost you your spot and some steelies...Gearheads who needs them...Real men swing flies!


  2. wow ill bet that was freaky! glad you found the four...

  3. Losing the SS Huffer would have been brutal. I bought a locking hitch pin to make sure this never happens again! Oh, I lost the license plate too, great day!


    That's a crazy story man. Glad the craft is alright. Good thing it didn't rattle your confidence. You still got after that chrome.

  5. Close call for sure...I appreciate your concern! SS huffer survives.


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