Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peak Seasons 2.19.11

When is the best time to go fly fishing?  Anytime you can!  If you have the luxury of picking your days, click the calender below.


  1. Is this something you came up with, or was it published somewhere?

  2. These are my favorite "seasons" to fish. Thanks for stopping by...

  3. As I've been saying for years, every season has different opportunities. No reason to pack away the gear for a season.

  4. John,
    Very true. As we balance work and family, these are the peak seasons I try not to miss. Hendricksons can hatch during a May can't catch them from the couch! Good fishin!

  5. A.O.

    I would like to recommend that you add two more fly fishing favorites to your calendar. Mid-June for the "Hex" hatch and mid-summer for huge smallies in the rivers. Those are prime times to have the long stick in hand as well.


  6. Rexman,

    You're right, the hex usually extends past mid June, especially when we have a cool spring. I've never put my time in chasing river smallies. Sounds like we need plan a trip!


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