Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A.O. Welcomes Centerpin Kyle! 3.23.11

I met Kyle just over a year ago on the banks of the AuSable River in Northern Michigan.  We chatted for a bit as I rowed my boat past him and he claimed that he fished here "all the time" and gave me a few tips.  This was my river and I'd never seen this joker before and called BS.  A few days went by and I ran into Kyle again, and again.  This guy is a fully addicted to chasing chrome and is one of only a few fisherman I know that spend more time on the water than I do.  As his name implies, Kyle is a centerpin expert.  Before I met him, I thought centerpinning was merely an effective way to deliver a spawn bag downstream when the fly bite wasn't happening.  Thanks to Kyle, I now know there is much more to centerpinning than spawn bags and egg sinkers.  Beads, jigs, and flies each have their time on the float rod, and setting up a proper shot line is usually more important than the lure itself.  I'm sure we'll all be learning more about the intricacies of centerpinning and we'll definitely be seeing some pictures of big fish now that Kyle is an administrator to this site.  Please join me in welcoming Kyle to Angling Obsession

To learn more about Kyle, check out his bio HERE.


  1. Welcome aboard. Can't wait to read some posts

  2. I've heard so much about this guy; he's already a legend! Looking forward to your posts, Centerpin.


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  4. technical difficulty:) Thanks guys, I look forward to helping other anglers out and educating about a lot of float fishing misconceptions. I am still learning everyday out there on the water so, no legend yet:) but thanks rexman!!

    Big fish and tight lines

    CP Kyle


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