Thursday, March 10, 2011

Egg Wagons 3.4.11

The Angling Obsession crew hit the road this weekend to chase chrome steelhead on Michigan's western shoreline. The plan was to fish three rivers in three days and test our skills on some not so familiar water. Centerpin Kyle started day one off right by quickly putting a solid 8lb hen in the net. We followed up with a few resident trout as the freezing rain stuck like syrup and the water flows fell nearly 300 cfs. The bite shut down as well, which made for a soggy cold afternoon.

Warm accomodations and a few cold beers boosted morale as we prepped our gear for the following morning. The rain turned to snow and along came 25+ mph winds. We dicided to fish a smaller river and hide in the woods to stay warm. We made the right choice and fishing was excellent. This gorgeous lady was the day maker.
Sunday morning we awoke to negative temperatures, high pressure, and clear skies. Kyle pulled a few tricks and netted 2 chrome steelhead before the sun put the fish down. Great times on the water. The pictures below round out our top fish from the weekend. All were released.
Spring steelhead season is almost here, angler traffic is on an exponential rise, be courteous out there! See you on the river.


  1. Love all the great pics!

  2. What 3 rivers? The top pic looks like the PM. The bottom reminds me of the Pentwater, but I think that's closed.

  3. Come on, just a hint? You're just protective cause you know those slimers prefer my spinners over your dead rabbits. They gotta have teeth and scales to get me to chase anyway.

  4. Good. God. That looks freaking cold. But those trout are huge.

    Now that the ice fishing stuff is just about put away, I think I need to take you up on your offer to try some of that fly slinging you keep writing about.

    If anything, I can be your camera man. Those pics are awesome. Keep at it.

  5. Thanks Pete!

    Centerpins and floats this weekend, never broke out the streamer box. Lots of fish around, should be a good spring if you want to chase some steel.

  6. RIght on looks like a great day.


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