Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Chrome 3.1.11

The A.O. crew managed to crush a few steelhead this weekend.  The action wasn't quite as good as last week, however, we did find a few quality fish.  Kyle put this solid steelhead in the boat just before sunset, steelhead cocktail hour.

Sorry for the delay in posts, between planning for an upcomming fishing trip and Avery taking her first real steps, its been a busy week so far!  Today is the first of March and angler pressure on the river is definately on the rise.  Its steelhead season, the fish are here, see you on the water!


  1. Did you see any walleye in the river?

  2. That's a hog.

    I can't wait to start catching some bigger fish. I love perch....but I'm just about done battling the mini-stripes.

    Good luck finding the time to get on the water. With my wife in a cast I don't have the time to fish like I want to. Let's just go full-time blogger status...keep buying those lotto tickets!

  3. Thanks Pete!

    Take good care of your wife, you'll be back in fishing mode in no time.


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