Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great Lakes Fishing Blogs 5.17.11

I'd like to be steelhead fishing during all of my free time, however, we all have obligations that keep us off the water more often than we desire.  When not on the water, I attempt to keep up with a number of fishing blogs as a source relevent news, stories, and fish porn to fuel my obsession.  Illinois Wisconson Fishing Blog is a noteworthy blog from across the pond.  Written by a dedicated angler who spends considerable time on the water, I can usually depend on Blake to provide fresh content and pictures of big fish.  Blake is an avid ice fisherman and warm water angler in addition to being addicted to chasing steelhead.  If you have some free time and cannot be fishing, click here.

A second blog I'd like to mention is November Rains.  The author recently came across Angling Obsession and sent me an email to check out his blog.  Glad he did.  I took a look at his site and quickly noticed that this guy loves to chase Great Lakes chrome steelhead!  I'm definately looking forward following this blog.  For more infomation click here.


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