Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Is A Great Time For Jigs 5.1.11

Sorry for the lack of posts, Final exams have had me locked down to the library and the books. I finally got the chance to break free and headed up to one of my favorite rivers. A lot of new anglers and even the more accomplished sometimes fall into a rut of tunnel vision thinking steelhead only eat one thing, Roe. This creates a great opportunity to capitalize on fish that have seen every kind of egg immatation or even the real deal and nothing else. Truth be told, they get sick of it and thats when you start to think outside the box. I always start running the jig in the upper water colum, say two to four feet below the surface, you dont want to spook them you want to attract them and this technique seems to work. If after a couple of drifts no takes, drop it deeper foot by foot, but one thing is for certain when you tie on something other than roe. YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE IN IT. Dont just take it off within five or six drifts cause they didnt want it or you havent had any hits. Enjoy the chrome hen that was released full of spunk quickly after the shot. Hopefully more to come this spring!!!! Add Image
CP Kyle

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