Thursday, June 16, 2011

A.O. Update 6.15.11

Its been way to long without a post around here.  As my regular readers know, I've recently switched jobs and moved 300 miles without leaving the great state of Michigan.  Work is going great, my wife recently landed a solid job in our new home town of Kalamazoo, MI and we have secured a great house equipped with a giant garage to house SS Huffer #1 and SS Huffer #2.  Normal life is about to get fishy again.  My recent fishing adventures have been limited to local lakes chasing largemouth.  No fly fishing, just putting the boots to my little green friends on heavy tackle...good stuff and its close to home. 

Centerpin Kyle deserves a shout out as well.  Last week he joined the club by swinging his first steelhead on a spey rod.  Like most of us crazy steelheaders, he put in countless hours and even had a few close calls before sealing the deal.  Way to go Kyle!  While most of us are chasing trout this time of year, Kyle stalked a Northern Michigan river and found the last remaining spring steelhead in the state and fed a dropback via the swing.  Impressive first fish.

I finally installed some stickers on the drifter that I received from Jason at The Fin.  Jason is part of the FLW film crew and runs a great blog.  Check out his site and give him a follow here.

I recently picked up a copy of Skagit Master II.  Yeah, I know its been out for months, but I finally got around to it!  Damn, shouldn't have waited so long!  Great instructional video of on the water "how to" steelheading that you just don't find anywhere.  The Ska Opper fishing clips are incredible.  Possibly not that benefical to the Great Lakes guys, but cool nonetheless.  The rest of the video will definally help out Great Lakes steelheaders that love to swing flies.  Scott says he thinks "outside the box" to catch steelhead, and the glimpse inside his perspective was worth the chunky price tag on this film.  I highly recommend it...get yours here.

Packed up the fly rods, tackle and drift boat tonight for a quick trip to Northern Michigan for some trout fishing this weekend.  We are hoping for the hex action, but recent weather might push the big bugs out a few more days.  Streamer fishing should be good.  Stay tuned for the next report.  Tight Lines. 


  1. There you are! Congrats on new job and home. Time to get fishy...

  2. Good to see you're back.

    More fish porn please.

    Tell the wifey congrats on the new gig. Dust told me about the new house. Sounds beautiful.

    I never did find any pink flukes in Alpena. You're always right. What can I say?

  3. Guys,

    Definately need some more fish porn!

    I have a bunch of decoys for you...I'll send them with my brother this weekend. Alpena needs a decent tackle shop...among other things!


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