Monday, July 11, 2011

Off Season 7.11.11

Its definitely summer here in the great lakes!  With temps hovering around the 90 degree mark this weekend we were more interested in staying cool than chasing chrome.  The family and I made it out to a local lake on Sunday for a boat ride and a little fishing.  Avery likes fish, although she didn't quite know what to think about this one.  It was big, green, and slimy...I think she's more of a steelhead junkie!  Summer bass fishing with heavy tackle isn't something that most fly fisherman do in the off season.  Guess I'm just different.  I absolutely love flipping jigs along the deep side of cabbage weed lines.  The fish are usually of decent size and you can catch them no matter what time of day.  12-20 feet of water is perfect water for a 3/8oz black & blue jig.

I'm hanging up the float and fly rods until fall salmon start to trickle into the rivers in a few more weeks.  Until then, I'll be chasing the green bass so we'll have to count on Centerpin Kyle to post a few more pics of these.


  1. people like me aren't very choosy. fish are fish and ment to be caught. stay cool out there

  2. I can recall many fond moments fishing with my two daughters as they reeled in bluegill after bluegill. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Oh...and nice fish too!



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