Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pimp My Ride - Driftboat Edition 7.26.11

My trusty 2001 Hyde LP has treated me well for hundreds of floats.  I picked it up used about 4 years ago, about a year after I began steelheading fishing seriously.  She has been a fantastic boat, creating many great memories.  A few years ago, Hyde Drift Boats, debuted their XL series, and I've been eyeing them up ever since.  The XL Low Profile is 18" longer than my standard LP, and the new modular side storage compartments create a walk-through floor plan.  A definate advantage for fishing with multiple guys and netting big fish.  So here she is, the newest member of the A.O. fleet!

So, what do you do with a new drift boat in the 90 degree July heatt?  Chase smallies of course!  Good friend Johnny Cat assisted with picking up the new boat and we fished the Muskegon River for smallmouth bass on the way home.  The new boat is an absolute pleasure to row, and we managed to put a few quality river smallies in the net to break her in. 


  1. Nice! Congrats brother!
    november rains

  2. Glad to hear it is easier to row! I had a heck of a time trying to put you onto fish with my slopping rowing technique. Congrats on the new tool...She's a beauty!


  3. Another boat? Must be a huff thing.

    She's a beauty. A little camo and maybe some fast grass and we could put that boat to some serious work. Like dropping mallards in the river current.

    Good to see you're getting after 'em.

  4. Thanks Pete!

    Yes, three boats in the garage is excessive, even for a Huff. My 01 Hyde LP is going up for sale in a few weeks.


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