Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Snakes 7.30.11

I spent the weekend fishing with my brother, targeting big largemouth, with jigs and heavy tackle.  When water temperatures climb to their summer peak, jig fishing can be excellent.  Check out my recent post, Off Season, for tips and tackle. 

Fishing started off a bit slow over the weekend, with only a few fish in our favorite weedlines.  We ended up finding the majority of the bass and pike near deep weed edges with nearby current.  Maybe the water was a bit cooler in these areas, who knows, but the bite turned on.  Dustin schooled me putting several largemouth in the boat nearing the 3lb mark.  My luck turned around later in the afternoon when I landed this bonus pike, taping out at 33 inches and a few largemouth of my own.  Great weekend fishing with my little bro.


  1. Huff boys know how to do it. Snake? Maybe. Closer to gator status at 30+. Solid work.

  2. Like the fishing briefs your're wearing. Really adds some spice to the grass gator pic.


  3. Rexman,

    I was swimming in those briefs just minutes before that snake grabbed my jig....luck he didn't grab me!


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