Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Steelhead Streamer Report 12.17.11

The streamer bite continues to be strong in west MI as water temps hover around the 40 degree mark.  Big sculpins, marabou speys, and flashy flies all took fish this weekend.  Bonus brown and rainbow trout were also agressively taking swung flies.  Below are pictures of the best brown and steel from three days on the river. 

Streamer eating steelhead buck

Swung fly brown trout


  1. Sweet looking steelie and that brown is beautiful...Oh, and nice beard too! I have to get over that way this winter and get some of that action...


  2. Nice work dude. I ended up with three grouse after flushing 16 or so. I posted pics on the blog.

    December is a great time to be outdoors in Michigan. Keep after 'em. And Happy Holidays.

  3. Great post and pics. That steelie is nice!


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