Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swingin 12.3.11

Spent the day chasing steelhead on some local water with swung flies.  Fishing continues to be good with many active fish.  Large flashy flies hooked 3 steelhead today, one of which I was able to get my hands on for a very short amount of time.  Also caught a nice resident brown trout on a conedisk leach tube fly.  Pictured below is the brown and another scuplin eating steelhead from a recent outting, since I wasn't able to snap a picture in time from my fish today!

One of the steelhead I hooked came from a run that has always looked extremely fishy, however, I haven't ever pulled a fish from it.  I decided to fish from the opposite side today and found the run to swing much better.  Turns out, I was standing on the fish during previous trips.  Once done stepping through the run, you have to walk back up stream to cross the river and approach the next bend.  Many people overlook these details and take the easy route.  Today the extra effort produced a solid grab and short steelhead battle...a constant reminder to keep mixing things up on the water.


  1. Good job AO...Nice to see you are back in the swing of things! :)


  2. Thanks Rexman. I was happy to catch the brown, gotta keep up with you!

  3. Nice work, Dano! Dirty said you've been tearing them up on your river, never knew it held so many fish.

  4. Tight work bud. Hope you shot over the holidays to wet a line.


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