Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Steelheading 1.15.11

Single digit temps this morning when Berk and I arrived to the river.  It definitely felt like winter after such a mild start to the winter steelheading season.  For the first time in about 10 years I threw in a couple plug rods, just in case my office paws couldn't handle the cold.  This chrome hen just slammed a hot.n.tot as I was warming up with a bowl of chili for lunch...bonus!  Explored some new water and hit four more steelhead on my float rod.  Two of them came from some sweet looking water that I will be dredging with flashy streamers during the next warm up.  With dime bright fish like this in the rivers, steelheading should remain strong all winter long!


  1. Nice pic AO. Can't believe you were throwing hard baits around, but the result speaks for its self. Nice work! Still waiting for some hard water around here...


  2. Thanks guys!

    Plugs are not nearly as exciting as swinging flies Rexman. But the rivers down here are big, deep, and typically off color. The fish will still take a fly, but reading the water is very difficult. You don't know if its 3 feet deep or 13 until you fish it. Much different from our pristine northern michigan rivers. I have found some sweet little fly fishing spots though!


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