Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3. 13. 2012 Keep At It

Failure keeps you humble……As oddly as this may sound, I think an underlying cause for my new found love for swinging flies is because it is bringing back those skunked days, in which you know there were fish present, but caught nothing (fishing for ghosts).  Nobody likes to chat about the “skunked days” or call their fishing buddy and say, “I caught nothing.” However, in my own opinion, fish less days teach you just as much as the days were you’re into them and it doesn’t matter what fly you tie on.  There is a double sided sword here though, because in order to learn from nothing you must be able put your guard and ego aside.  The second you start accepting good anglers do in deed get skunked and start channeling the energy into learning from the situation instead of feeding off the negativity that is so common from zero fish landed is when your mind can fully go to work. 
The entire ride home this weekend, now, and probably until I get my line wet next, I have been trying to put my finger on what happened.  I fished a river and found fresh fish and then the next weekend on a warm day following a shivering cold night, I got skunked.  I Fished 10 hours and was at ease at about 3:30 pm when my tiny downsized fly got smashed in the familiar, double tap fashion, but no hook up.  I had just previously sat down and thought about what was taking place, I had been swinging bigger flies in the faster runs of Lower River for the majority of the morning with no action.  I left my 10ft chunk of t-14 on as the water was reading 34 degrees but lengthened my leader to 6 feet and tied on the smallest fly I had in my winter box. (One disclaimer: I realize anything over 4-5 of tippet off a sink tip has negative results but this was trial and error type thinking).  I had just hit about 15 ft of running line and the head out when a fishy showed himself.  A nice little tap and then about 3 more ft into the swing he crushed it and as I lifted up, absolutely nothing….. deal with it because it happens. Stop getting mad and be thankful, for you just had everything come together, and for whatever reason the fish didn’t get solidly hooked.   

Kyle D.  

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