Thursday, March 8, 2012

3. 2. 2011 Swingers Only

Swingers only… It hasn’t been mentioned, but I have sold all of my float fishing gear. Effective as it is, after you dial things in, it becomes so repetitive I lost interest. My new found love is swinging flies for fishies. It’s been a steep learning curve as far as casting and learning how to effectively create life on the vice, but I am starting to finally have confidence, knowing my fly is fishing effectively and looks darn tempting to a predator fish.

Numbers of hooked and landed fish have decreased, but what are numbers of caught fish throughout your day if you’re pursuing a specific trait of a specific species. I will never get tired of hooking fish, I’m surely addicted on that aspect, it’s just really nice to slow down and pursue that Zen state, where I’m connected to the life offered by the river. I got sick of hitting every hole, running and gunning in hopes of catching them ALL. Slow down and check out what you feel, see, and hear!! It’s amazing.
My partner in crime in the float fishing days was Wild Bill. He has caught steelhead on just about every imaginable angling tactic, bait, artificial, known to man, and then some.
“I had to get a spey rod…………. to figure out for myself, what it was about swinging flies that is so different. I know how deadly you are with a pin, yet you continue to bring your spey rod explaining whatever happens out there is meant to be.”
Well, I am pretty sure he found out this past weekend when a nice solid fresh run fish crushed his swung fly like it was her last meal. He has stayed focused from his first swung fish, 5 months ago with a single hand rod fishing alone in his boat. Never once has he come with me complaining about one grab here or there or the frustration with a bad day of casting (of which we all have). He has remained focused and rode along for the long hard ride of getting his first spring run steelhead on the swing. Nice work Billy!!!

This atlantic had beautiful colors and is on her way back to recovering the spawn !! She chased this fly down on a strip in...


  1. not only some great fishing but that was some excellent writing. more please!

  2. Good work Kyle and kudos to sticking with the swung better way to catch them!



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