Saturday, March 10, 2012

3.10.2012 Slow Down Out There

I recently entered a quicly written poem in a contest to win a very nice fly from an accomplished tyer.  The requirements were very open to short storys, pictures, a poem, an essay for the most underlying reason as to why you fish a fly.  I chose a poem, and hope you enjoy it!!

Why I swing a fly, you ask
Challenge is what drives this task
Throwing bait only leads to expectation
Swinging flies combats with deviation

I swing flies to bring forth the kill instinct
So I am just as happy with catching a dink
Size does not matter when I’m targeting a trait
That does not come forth when fishing bait

I swing flies to mend with the spirit
It’s cleansing to the soul every time I get near it
In world that seems to happen so fast
Slowing everything down only improves my cast

I swing flies for the love of the feeling
Even in the cold when my fingers are peeling
Passion is what drives this energy of mine
So the love is found each time I wet my line

Written By Kyle D.
I thought Id add a photo of the "stinkbox" that I took on the coldest winter float of the year, mind you it was
- 10 degrees with windchill and I had already soaked all 4 pairs of glove by lunch time !!!

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  1. So very true, if I don't slow down I don't get grabs...any what's the point of being out there if you don't slow down and chill out?



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