Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Lakes Steelhead Forecast 3.23.12

Last weekend was all about the brown trout.  I know, not much of a steelhead forecast!  Anyhow, we hooked several steelhead on Saturday and Sunday, each of them showing us who was boss.  In between lost battles, the trout kept us occupied and were very active.  I except the egg bite only to improve this weekend.  Look for steelhead on gravel and in the nearby dark water.

The weather has been extremely warm and I'm seeing steelhead within a few miles of Kalamazoo.  That a heck of a long ways from Lake Michigan and if this weather keeps up, the run will be over very soon.  The water levels are down from last weekend, good luck out there.



  1. I was on the Big Manistee on Tuesday. The only fish being hooked were near the Tippy Dam. Water temp was at 48 deg and the level still very high. It looks to me that steelhead fishing is all but done. I know that I'll go at least one more time next week, but I'm not holding out any hopes of catching much.

  2. Thanks for the update on the Big Man!


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