Monday, May 28, 2012

Michigan Spring Creeks 5.28.12

Whoa, long time without a post here! I've been fishing, but the warm spring put an end to my local steelhead fishing and I just haven't had the time to put the miles in and travel north to fish with Kyle D. When I started fly fishing, smaller headwaters and spring creeks were all I knew. Lately, my addiction to chrome steelhead has steered me toward larger waters with the anadromous fish we all love. I spent the holiday weekend fishing a few spring creeks for trout in Northern Michigan that have been begging to be explored for years and it felt good to bring back some memories of what fueled my initial obsession with fly fishing.

Hoppers were the ticket this morning. Yes, hopper season is in August. The water was clear and no bugs were coming up. Were they just looking for a big meal?...who knows, but this guys and several of his buddies made for a great morning! 
Michigan Brown Trout

Spring Creek
Tight lines, A.O.

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