Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Practice 5.16.12

The spring season is quickly ending. Although this is bummer for those of us that target migrating fishies, its a great time to try out a new line, different rods, and get some "seat time" behind the rod. With the compelling enegry that leads to distraction when they're in not being so overwhemling, its a great opportunity to channel that energy into tight loops and accuracy. The more you do anything the better you get at it, because repitition is the father of learning. Last summer, I had the opportunity to sit on the riverbank and talk with Dr. Joen lee and he said," you must practice if you want to become an accomplished spey caster." If you ever have the chance to witness his casting ability you will believe he must know a thing or two about the long road of precision spey casting.

Get out there,

Kyle d.

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  1. Right on Kyle. Keep me posted if you get a free weekend for am skam fishing and afternoon spey practice and line/rod testing! I've been stuck on beer can shaped skagit lines, now is the time to test some more modern lines.


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