Friday, May 4, 2012

Ready to fish 5.4.12

Well Viewers,

     I have made it through another semester and I must admit, I am running low on tying materials from all the study breaks.  It is a relief to be on break, however now it is time to do work with the spey rod! I am not going to sugar coat this difficult game.... I have not had my hands on the tail of a chromer since that nice one I showed you guys from up north, and yes I've still been fishing, but the fire inside is burning hotter with everyday that goes by fish-less.  Although, I have not landed a fish in a while my casting is getting better and better everytime I am out there.  I hope to bring you guys instruction and tips for tighter loops this summer, as well as some SBS on the vice to help fill your boxes.( A little preview of a couple tying sessions attached below) As I stated before, this is all one big learning expierence and as the golden arch says..... I'm Lovin it!!  My car is packed and I am heading up to one of my favorite rivers, so please wish me luck!!   I wrote this interesting quote about learning, which is what I am full pursuit of, hope you like it,

"Learning is a beautiful process that allows our life to bloom because the day you give up, or quit pursuing to learn new things, is the day you begin to truley age. You see, age, represented by a number, accepted by society as an actual indicator of ones age, but I feel it couldn't be further from the actual age of ones soul for the special ones that continue pursuing to learn new things in life."

Kyle D.

Blue Charm
Crazy Bugger ( resulted from late night calc final studying)
Spey Variation

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