Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.27.12 Fresh Salar

    What a relief to finally get my hands on a fresh atlantic!  I must say its been a pretty rough ride with more than a few brief encounters over the past three weeks.  It was a nice 8-9 lber that absolutely attacked my little number eight mudler.  The fish peeled my head out four times after getting it inside the guides giving me the " I am not a cold steelhead " type pulls each time it made contact with bill or I in addition to the awesome grab.  I will be on the water for the next week looking for more..........  enough said there.   Wading out there is getting pretty sketchy with the increased water from the rains that just hit.  Make sure your boots have fresh spikes and your wading staff is attached and not going to slip together like mine always does:)
   Not only did I get my first one to hand but I also tied up my first married wing.  It is indeed pretty cool to slow down and focus in on building the highly detailed wing.  Forgive any mistakes as I was just "freestyling" after a long day on the water and enough kokanees to put weak ones to bed:) wait , crap , I did fall asleep right after the fly..... It must be my small compostiion, yeah thats what I will blame it on.  Any ways, I put up a shot of the fishie and a nice rainbow that always keep the search for salar exciting, as if it wasnt enough all on it's own!!!! Tight lines and see you out there!!!


Kyle D.
Look of satisfaction!!

Fiesty Rainbow

First Married Wing

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