Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exploring for fall 6.06.12

          Ever since Dan and I had our trip cancelled to the Michipicoten River last fall due to 3 feet of fresh snow, every time I hear that rivers name it triggers the thoughts of what I have heard about.  It is suppose to be the closest thing to West Coast swinging water with traditional runs that you are truly able to cast, mend, and step down throughout the entire run instead of cast, mend, swing pull anchor, bump down a foot and drop anchor and repeat which is very common throughout our Michigan waters…… Well now I can say it is all of that and then some.

Pretty Sweet water for being low
          It was around noon on Friday when this “calling” if you will, took over my entire thinking process and the Mich popped into my head.  It just so happened that when I called Wild Bill with this random idea, he didn’t have to work for the next three days.  I told him 2 hours and we’re leaving, it wasn’t even thirty minutes and Bill was sitting in my front seat ready to go.  I knew water was low up north, however since this trip was going to be devoted to scouting the Mich and whatever other rivers we encountered, I didn’t care.  Bill and I slept in our bags under the stars Friday night and had a pleasant wake up call at 5 am with rain drops splashing our faces, which was perfect because we wanted to hit highway 17 at sunrise to enjoy the scenery.
          We fished it all day Friday and it wasn’t until after supper, once Bill and I had about 6-7 Labatt “pork chops” (literally like 135 calories per brew) and stumbled down to the run close to camp, Bill hooked up on the third cast.  That fish made all the miles traveled worth it.  I didn’t have the camera that night as we were just goofing around but it was about a 4-5lb native rainbow that was full of life.  Needless to say we slept well.  Saturday morning we were at it early and fished hard until about three encountering 4 more of those spunky rainbows and figuring out the runs.

Native Rainbow tricked by my Calculus Bugger
 Accepting that we were on foot and had covered the first three miles down from camp we decided to head back south the Soo to finish up the weekend in hopes of fresh Salar.  We made the right choice, Saturday evening; I swung two beautiful Hemingway rainbows.  Sunday morning Wild bill swung two as well and I hooked and fought a fresh Atlantic that came unbuttoned after the first couple runs and a nice jump. 
Hemingway rainbow

Oh yeah, I got my first hardy.... a Marquis # 3 from a great angler..... I am surprised you guys couldnt hear it from where you were:) She's Loud!!!

Tight lines,

Kyle D.

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