Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hooked On Top 6.20.12

Its mid June, the weather is warm, and our chrome friends are out in the big lake getting strong for the fall run.  This time of year is a great chance to break away from chasing steelhead and sample some of the fine trout fishing we have around the great lakes.  John and I made a weekend trip hoping to hit the beginning of the hex hatch.  The weather looked great for the weekend and we knew the hex would be here any day.  Even without hex, there should be several other bugs on top this time of year and plenty of fish looking up.  We fished nymphs and hoppers during the day, bringing many modest size trout to hand, patiently waiting for the evening bug hatches.  The hex was just starting and we did catch a few on these giant dry flies.  However, the biggest fish of were hooked on isonychia dry fly spinners.  The best 3 pictured below.
Michigan Dry Fly Brown
Isonychia Eating Brown Trout
AuSable Brown Trout


  1. nice fish! I'm still on the river searching.

  2. Now theres a GATOR.. Well done! B


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