Friday, July 13, 2012

Beginers Luck 7.13.2012

I met mike, this past semester through Biology class here at the college. He was struggling to click with our professors teaching style and it was a course that I already taken. Little did either of us know, it would be the start to a very good friendship. Once I got through to him on how to tackle this tough course we started hanging around eachother more, getting to know eachother. Well, in just over four months, Mike has taught me more about the outdoors than I have ever learned in any one class. He can identify just about any bird if it flys in Michigan and trees.... forgot it he know them all!!! He mentioned he wanted to get into fly fishing, he just didnt know where to begin... I lent him my 8ft 6wt loomis with a double taper and gave him the basics. Fast forward to today, he is one hell of a single hand caster and this fish was landed on his third day with a spey rod in his hand and casting around 65-75 consistently!!!! GOOD JOB MIKE YOU'RE A QUICK LEARNER!!! ( Oh yeah he lost two tanks before this one ... so theres no beginners luck with this guy anymore)

Kyle D.

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