Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gettin Fishy 11.28.12

I received a few comments on the site and emails about the lack of reports and fish porn around here.  Above is a picture of a decent brown trout that crushed a steelhead sculpin on a recent trip just to confirm that things are still getting fishy around the great lakes.  Truth is I've been fishing, some good days, and some days spent washing flies.  We could use some rain, lots of rain.  Swinging for chrome is technical right now with the very low and clear water.  I've landed a few steelhead, missed a few opportunities and been entertained with some decent browns in between working my ass off for each grab.  I'm not saying the fish are not there, but its been tough.  I recommend getting up extra early to take advantage of the low light and foggy mornings.  When the sun is high, shady spots and any remaining rifle that provides cover in the low water will hold fish.  The evening steelhead cocktail hour that starts when the sun hits the trees is also an excellent time to fish your favorite holding water. 

After about 6 hours of swinging flies on the PM the other day without a single grab I decided to see if my camera still works and take a few pictures in hopes that one would make a good background for my computer.  This shot of my boat turned out pretty cool.  Good luck out there, its the best time of the year!


  1. Hey Dan, glad to see you are back on the blog. Missed reading about all your adventures these past months. Nice fish!



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