Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life on the road 6.23.13

I was wrong, we got into the worst thunderstorm and had to let it pass. I thought we could make it straight to poppy's but once i started seeing cop cars that were only in my imagination I was ready for some shut eye. Reality set in and we realized we only have what we packed into jonny hatch for a long time. Coffee and cigarettes have been our main diet with a little food every now and then. Im not going to try and sugar coat anything, this drive sucks. Nothing changes from michigan to montana, well untill about the last quarter of montana. We will be arriving at poppy's in roughly seven hours and i called him to let him know it will be past regular hours when we get there. I asked if he'd mind if we set up camp and finally sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time, and with no hesitation he said not a problem!!! Sorry for the lack of pictures but that should change soon! This no shower thing is going to be interesting

Tight lines and great grabs

Kyle d.

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