Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 In Review

Fall Steelhead
Its been awhile. 2013 was filled with some great fishing trips, the arrival of my son Blake [on opening day of trout season], a busy and rewarding work schedule, and construction on my basement which have all kept me from writing.  Were still getting fishy here in Michigan and I hope to breathe some new life into AO for the new year.

I've had a little downtime over Christmas break and have made some changes to the site that I have been thinking about for awhile; a new look and new content. We love fly fishing and it remains my passion and favorite way to chase fish in our rivers. Michigan is a very seasonal region that also offers phenomenal warm water lake fishing as well as gear fishing on the Great Lakes.  Its close to home for many and I plan to share some of this content moving forward.  I have organized the tabs above for quick reference.  I have also added a photography page which is still a work in progress.  We fish in some beautiful place and I'm typically snapping photos along the way.

Kyle D is doing well out west and has done an outstanding job keeping things going around here.  We have a trip planned this winter to fish the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  A shot at a 20lb wild steelhead buck while swinging flies in true spey water has been keeping me laying awake most nights.  I'm also traveling to Western Alaska this summer for Silver and Rainbows on a 100 mile rafting trip.  Should make for some great stories and impressive fish.  Stay tuned!

Some great fish from 2013:
Musky and Friends
Northern Pike
Lake MI Perch

Avery's Bass

Hex for Brown Trout

Swinging Fall Steel
Small trout, big on Chrome

Salmon Double!
Michigan 11pt, not bad for a fish guy

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  1. Hey Dan-AO...Welcome back!!!! I've been wondering whatever happen to the guy who taught me most of what I know about fly fishing. Congrats on the new boy too. That's super exciting! Looking forward to all your 2014 posts. Kinda funny, I shot an 11 pointer in the UP this fall, but of course your rack is bigger than mine. I like the new site look too. :)


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