Sunday, January 26, 2014

Organizing Sink Tips for Spey and Skagit Lines

Mixed up sink tips have been a problem of mine since I began spey fishing.  I do my very best to pack only the essentials on the water and in the past have typically tossed a few tips in a plastic bag and hit the river for the day.  After a few days of fishing they're a jumbled mess and its hard to tell the difference in sink rates just by looking at the tips.  I've decided to get organized and use an old Rio leader wallet I had in place of the trusty plastic baggies.  I have color coded my tips with thread coated in Aquaseal since the factory loop color differences are faint.  A long length of thread for 12' tips and short lengths of thread for 10' tips.  Pink for T14, blue for T11, and chartreuse for T8.  I also fish some of the 5X5 Rio Mow tips.  These get two short lengths of thread in the appropriate color.  The red trim on a Rio tip wallet is easily labeled with a sharpie marker.  

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