Monday, January 6, 2014

Tie one on!

Brutal cold here in the Great Lakes and plenty of snow.  Good time to warm up the vise and tie some bugs.  While surfing the net for inspiration I stumbled on fly shop out west with some seriously bad ass steelhead flies.  Check out for some sweet tutorials if your into wrapping your own or just buy some of their flies, or both!

I tied up a variation of one of Anadromy's tube flies, its a cross between a marabou spey and some kind of fur leech.  These dogs will hunt:
The recipe:
HMH thick wall 3/32" tube
Tail:  black rabbit strip tied makuta style
Body:  purple ice dub over lead wire
Flash:  4 strands grape flashabou each side
Collar:  black temple dog in dubbing loop, purple marabou, gadwall, orange schlappen
Eyes:  jungle cock

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