Monday, February 17, 2014

Break Free

Every now and then we get to break free.  Free from the daily routines that provide for the lifestyle we choose.  We break free at a moments notice when we are smart enough to identify the opportunity.  Other times we plan for months, offering escape as we daydream about the adventure ahead.  Of course our family is missed and we confirm how much they really mean to us as we step away.
Fishing and the opportunity for adventure fuel my obsession.  Often surrounded by conversations of sports and video games I wonder when was the last time my peers experienced something real.  We are so lucky to live in a place that offers more.  Staring at the Montana river below from my 30,000 ft vantage point I wonder what the trout are feeding on.  Could there be a hatch?  Will I ever be privileged to explore and fish that river?  I love the outdoors.
I'm about to fish in a magical place.  I'm breaking free and it feels good.  Its a time to slow down, focus on what's real, and maybe even catch some steelhead!

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